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HAY || Accounting Technology student || 17 years na palang tamad. lol || Demigod || Mahiyain sa mga hindi ka-close, pero baliw kapag naging close. || Love? PIZZAAA and LASAGNAAAA || KathNiel fan. || Half-Good, Half-Bad || Loner sa bahay || Isa't kalahating engot || Naniniwala sa pag-ibig na lasang LASAGNA || Eto lang masasabi ko, "Masayang magmovie marathon kasama ang mga kapatid kong teddy bears. HAHHAHA"

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Ayoko talagang nagpe-perform sa harap, kainis! hahhahaha.

  • I hate being compared to others. It hurts my ego, a lot.

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Don’t be so down when your life sucks, it’s normal.

To take selfie is to communicate with viewers, if your intention is to let the world know that you have a beautiful face, it’s beyond narcissism.

-Quoted from our Law Professor.

Kawawa naman kayo kung sa iba niyo ini-a-asa ang kaligayahan niyo.